Rev. Francine Milano PSYCHIC MEDIUM


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I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you in our current situation. At my reading in March, you told me there was something wrong with my husband's neck. That it was serious. I finally got him to go to the Doctor and here we are at a houston hospital and he was admitted for emergency surgery. He's already feeling better. Thank you so much for all you do. I believe you saved his life bc at any moment he could have died instantly with one wrong move due to 5 of his 7 vertebrae being severely damaged. You are the best. Ty ty

– Tina P. said you don't see me staying at my present job and that you see me in property management. I have an interview next Wednesday for an Administrative Asst. position in a Community Association. Spot on!! Wish me luck.

– Francine S.

I just wanted to write and thank you again on behalf of myself and my mother for seeing us yesterday! I'm very happy that my mom has peace about my aunt and that I'm doing my best to put my sadness about my relationship behind me and focusing on a new start. We look forward to seeing you again soon and your guidance and assistance was sincerely appreciated! You have a truly wonderful gift!

– Megan H.

It was a joy and a delight to meet with you yesterday. I left feeling affirmed and uplifted. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your gift with me.

– T. F.

Francine, I just wanted to say thank you so much! You were very accurate. I am very thankful for this reading.

– Jennie G.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for such a wonderful experience. I have listened to our session many times. I ended up typing it up and I keep reading it over and over! I can't wait to come back!

– Lauren B.

Thank you for such a wonderful reading last night. I feel lighter and happier today than I have in a long time, just knowing that my loved ones are still with me.

– Liz S.

I have to tell you I’ve listened to the recording of my visit with you at least 30 times I think. Little things that we were not sure about the day of the reading now have become clear. I have such a feeling of peace knowing that my brother is well and that I was loved.

– Karen J.

Because of you, my family is now at peace. I just wanted you to know that we took my dad to the hospital today and they think he might have had a mini stroke (just as you said). I can't thank you enough. You are our angel!

– Jill H

Even at almost 50 years old, sometimes a girl still needs her mom. Thank you so much for facilitating our much needed conversation! I'm working on getting a group together for a private gallery reading with you. You gave me a wonderful gift today

– Teresa R

[Private Gallery] Thank You so much for all your time yesterday.. We all enjoyed ourselves very very much. You gave much closure to my Mother and truly made my daughter happy with your future thoughts to her. It had really helped her because she was struggling with what to do with her life and was so unsure. I will definitely be taking one of your workshops after the holidays. I felt a sense of calmness with you and realized I don't have to be afraid anymore of what I feel and how things guide me and come true. Again Thank you so very much.

– Kim S

[Family grief] I just wanted to email you and thank you so much for the reading you did for me and my mom last Saturday. We both got so much from it! I have been so worried about my mom since my dad passed away. She has had a hard time letting go of guilt and feeling at peace. I can say that this is the first time that I've seen her truly believe that she has received a sign from my dad

– Jen

Thank you very much. I must say, that for email readings you have pinpointed our personalities and situations very well. I have emailed you once before in the past and it amazes me how realistic and accurate you are. I will continue to come to you every so often for your advice.

– Val D

Thank you for the time we spent together yesterday. It was most lovely. You are a dear---and clearly very gifted. My prayer is your life will continue to be filled with the opportunity to use your gifts to facilitate growth, healing, and bring comfort to those to whom you minister. May God be with you as you do this fine work.

– Thaeda

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for our family grief session yesterday. We were very happy with everything you told us... (or I guess I should say "HE" told us). My brother & sister were very skeptical at first, but walked away believers! All I wanted was for our Mother to feel better, and know that our brother was okay. We walked away with so much more than we could have asked for. You have been blessed with a Gift, and I am so glad I found you! We are already discussing another trip to see you in a few months. We would love to hear from him again. A few of us would really love to have personal readings as well. We will highly recommend you to any one who is looking for closure! We will never forget it!

– Jen

It was a truly amazing experience. And one I can't wait to repeat! As soon as I got home I shared everything with my husband. When you were telling me about his dad being with a white dog, he confirmed they did have a white dog that was hit by a car when Shawn was a little boy. Thanks again for opening my eyes and spirit!

– Heather

You predicted several years ago I would have another baby. I did in June and you were right she is a girl. You also told me that while she was waiting to be born my friend on the other side was taking care of her. Which made a lot of sense b/c before she died she would go in and out of our world. When she would leave she would say I have to go, the little girl is calling me.

– Kara

Thank you....It's like you climb into my head and I dont let people go there lol lol....Hugs and Blessings.

– Robin M

I was truly mesmerized by our conversation this morning as I really enjoyed your reading. It provided me great guidance and I will follow-up with you again soon in another reading.

– Vanessa J-B

Thanks so much, you were scary accurate with the Reading.

– Ken H

Thank you so much for your reading this evening. I was blown away by some of the comments you made and how accurate they really were. I took notes during the reading and I am going to take your suggestions and continue moving forward. I will definitely recommend you to friends and I am sure I will do my own reading again at some point down the road. Thank you again,

– Kristen

I just wanted to thank you for seeing Chelsey, Emily, and myself yesterday. The three of us had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting you. I definitely will network your name and share your wonderful talent with friends and family. Thank you *very* much, and I hope to one day see you again! Best Wishes,

– Laura G

Thank you very much for the reading today. I was amazed by the detail you provided me with! Some of the things you said/knew were things I have thought but not said to others. I am very glad for the experience!

– Miranda

I just wanted to let you kou now how much your reading on Saturday has helped me. You have no idea how truly gifted you are and how healing this session has been for me. Your perceptions were well over 95% "on the money". I played it for Katelyn and we both cried when you yold me how her dad was waiting for me on the Other Side. Thanks again and I will continue to spread the word about you.

– Michele J

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great reading yesterday. You were spot on with my relatives that came through. You are a talented practioner and I look forward to working with you again. I hope you don't mind but I have referred some people to your website to book an appointment." Happy Holidays and Thanks again!

– Michelle J. N

Thank you very much Francine for helping Andrew to comprehend so much that at the moment remains somewhat confusing for him naturally on every level both personal as well as of course professional and for being upfront with him about every issue so meaning blunt which is greatly appreciated. Honesty is so important though the truth is not always easy to hear much less accept but when truth is given, spoken it resonates within the individual in such a profound and powerful way that it actually isn't something that can be denied successfully anyway, though human nature might well dictate the individual receiving it to try to do so to the best of their ability but knowing deep inside themselves that it is only themselves they are deceiving in engaging themselves in denial which isn't at all healthy on any level ... Spiritual, Emotional as well as of course physical all being somewhat connected with each other naturally. You and people like you consequently have an invaluable purpose in the world, one that is full of corruption, lies and deceit at all levels imaginable ! You breath fresh air into a polluted atmosphere and help people to see the sunshine on a day when they might only see clouds in their sky, colour is given to a black and white landscape and the meaning of the word "Hope" is afforded life ! Thank you so very much again Francine.

– With best wishes and love from, Diana xx

I don't know how much I can thank you, but it truly was an absolute pleasure meeting you in person. It really was worth driving 4 hours just to see you. Out of all the psychics I have ever done a reading with, you are extremely gifted and on top of that you have such a BIG caring heart. I was absolutely impressed with how exact you were in your description of everything from my family, to my personal life, to my work life, and to who I am as a person. I took something very valuable, especially your words of wisdom.

– Diana-Marie

I just wanted to tell you that I REALLY enjoyed talking to you on Friday. I'm still digesting a lot of it! You're wild. That's a good thing.

– Michael

I just wanted to thank you for your reading last night. I was truly shocked by some of the things that you know. I think that your gift is truely a gift from God and you must be a wonderful person for him to have blessed you with it. You will be hearing from me again sometime, but hopefully in person next time.

– Sarah

I just wanted to thank you again for reading me and my mother at the Cat's Meow of Gettysburg the other evening. I was just amazed at how accurate you were with everything. You truly have a gift. My mother was also shocked at your accuracy with her reading as well.

– Trish

I know this is a little late but I just wanted to say thanks for reading for me the other day. I was so impressed. When I get a little more time off I'd like to come in for a one hour reading (which I should have done in the first place!) Your reading was right on target and I've passed your name on to quite a few people. I hope they take advantage of calling on you for a reading themselves. Looking forward to next time! Again, Thanks!!!

– Dana

I wanted to thank you for the reading. It was truly amazing and I mean this. You helped me in more ways then I could have imagined and I have had many readings over the years.

– Nadyne

Wow.... I'm still shaking from the reading. You are truly a gifted medium and it meant so much to connect with my dad again, even for just a little while. Thanks again, so much!! My sister wants to make an appointment, and I will definately be in touch again soon myself.

– Sarah

I really enjoyed our session. You definately have the gift!

– Andrew

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. You were right on target and gave me a lot to think about. I will definately schedule another reading with you again soon!

– JoAnne