Rev. Francine Milano PSYCHIC MEDIUM

Spiritual Life Coaching

Rev. Francine Milano's three year ministerial program included extensive training in counseling others. After ordination, she served a multi-denominational church where she offered spiritual guidance to those seeking a higher purpose. Today she expands this service for those who need to reconnect with their higher selves when life's challenges seem hard to overcome. So many daily situations can bring us down, and it can often be difficult to find the silver linings and even harder to raise our awareness at times. Francine helps those with self-esteem find love and empowerment. She works with those who've been through challenges big and small and helps people find and implement the tools to better balance life in mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Francine is available by phone, Skype and in Leola PA. Some people prefer weekly appointments, but some also opt for bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Each session fee is $120 and lasts one hour.

If you'd like to make an appointment or get more information about Spiritual Life Coaching, email or call (717) 253.6634 and please be sure to specify that your interest is in the Spiritual Life Coaching.