Rev. Francine Milano PSYCHIC MEDIUM

Private Gallery Readings (aka Message Circles)

In the tradition of Spiritualism, a small group is called a message circle where a demonstration of mediumship is given through messages from loved ones on the other side. In recent times the term "Gallery Reading" has become more recognized. Francine is available for Gallery Readings for small and large groups. In smaller groups, everyone might get a message, while with larger audiences this might not be possible. In either case however, it's a healing event for everyone in attendance. Please be sure to see the testimonials below.

Gallery Readings have become one of Francine Milano's signature events over the last decade. Some galleries are public, but many people like to bring friends, co-workers or family together for an entertaining event that is both healing and full of laughter. Private Gallery Readings are also very popular additions to girls getway weekends, birthday celebrations and bridal parties. The evening starts with a short discussion regarding mediumship and psychic work as well as some of the traditional teachings of Spiritualism to offer a better understanding of Spirit communication. Following this short discussion, Francine will offer messages from loved ones who have passed over and spirit guides. Questions and answers pertaining to Francine's work will follow as time allows.

Hosting a Gallery for Your Group

Gallery Readings are available for 10 to 25 people in the Leola PA office with a host(ess) discount for 15+ !

Most galleries start at 6:00pm or 6:30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but other weekdays might be available. and the length of the event depends on the number of participants, but usually they last from 1.5 hrs to 2 hours for an average sized group.

The cost of attending a circle is only $40 per person, payable the evening of the event (cash)

All participants must be 18 or older to attend this event.

CSA in Leola can accomodate your small or large group, but travel is a available for groups of 20+ in Lancaster County PA (a small travel fees applies).

For inquiries and reservations for your private gallery, email or call 717.253.6634.


The following comments come from Francine's Facebook page.

I've been to a few and it is quite a healing experience. Whether or not you want a specific person to come through or go in with no expectations you always leave with comfort knowing that loved ones/spirit guides are watching over you and guiding you along the way and sometimes some direction to help you on your path. Not to mention Francine's great sense of humor always keeps it interesting!

– Danielle S.

Galleries are awesome!!! They are very peaceful and relaxing. If your heart is acheing to hear from someone that has become an angel/ has passed over, this could be your chance to hear from them to see if what you are feeling and hearing is really what they are saying. Francine is a really awesome lady and is very very good at listening to ... See Morewhat they had to say on the other side.. And she will do her best to help you hear from your loved ones. Take the chance.... it was well worth every second for me!!!!

– Sherri F.

Ive been to two, and they are awesome! Especially if you have a lot of loved ones who have passed. I have seen people brought to tears with Francine so spot on!!

– Kelly N

The atmosphere was peaceful, and respectful and loving and nurturing. I was fascinated by watching others receive messages which you could see touched them on a deep, soul level. The night before we attended, I said a prayer, asking my mother to give me a specific message. Francine was able to tell me things about myself that I hold very private - she was able to tell me how to handle some of the specific challenges in my life, at the time. At the end of the circle time, Francine returned to me, and gave me the exact message I had asked my mother to impart. Losing my mother at 12, and being 45 now, I had a lot of lost time to make up for. With that one single message, that hole was closed, and I'm beyond thankful to Francine for sharing her gift.

– Laura G.

I really savored the smoky undertones of the imported sausage. The cheese had a wonderful texture. It paired well with my pinoThe message(s) you get will be what is most important for you to know at this time in your life. It can be a very healing and cleansing experience or a way to receive guidance that you may need to stay on your path. It is a positive and uplifting experience for everyone, nothing "evil" or dark or will result. Give it a try!

– Alana R.