Rev. Francine Milano PSYCHIC MEDIUM

Private Mentoring (local or long distance)

Psychic & Spiritual Development / Healing Channel / Personal Growth

Francine encouraged me to get in touch with my inner self. With her guidance, I developed my Spiritual gift to a higher level. I am grateful for her guidance and very grateful that our paths crossed. She is an asset to my life.

– Lynnie Van Praagh

Simply put, Francine Milano's mentorship program is wildly effective and hugely practical. Francine has the innate ability to know WHAT and HOW to teach her students the skills and knowledge they need. She is down to earth, non-judgemental, wildly funny (!!!!) and thorough in her knowledge of the spirit world. Her mentorship exceeded my expectations and I found myself counting the days until our next meeting. I highly recommend Francine's program to all people regardless of ability. Her teachings on the business aspects of psychic reading was worth the price of the course alone. I cannot thank her enough for helping me reconnect with core of why I give readings, helping me to understand WHO is around me and where psychicinformation and spirit messages come from. She is an awesome guide, a beautiful spirit, and I wish for everyone the opportunity to experience her mentorship.


This program is designed for opening the gifts of healing channel/medical intuitive, psychic messages and mediumship.

Perhaps you know you have gifts but never harnessed and controlled them. Maybe you are a psychic reader seeking to reach your higher potential. Clairvoyant medium and spiritual teacher, Rev. Francine Milano offers a private one-on-one mentoring program to all levels of experience. All programs are customized for the student's needs.

We are all gifted and able to retrieve information from unseen sources. You are already psychic, receiving information constantly through your subconcious mind. You are already a healing vessel, receiving the positive energy you or someone else might require to heal mind, body and spirit. It is the human environment and your human mind that keep the REAL YOU from reaching a higher state of awareness. In this program you will learn how to heighten your vibrations, connect with Spirit Guides and a higher source to channel and retreive information for yourself and others. Yes, you will be able to give readings to other people! But perhaps your gifts are those that heal. The same course can lead you to channel healing energy.

Just as gifts can vary from person to person, your course will be custom-fit to suit your personal needs. The course includes eight sessions, 60-90 minutes each. You will also have access to Francine between classes with phone follow-ups as needed. This course is available in person in Leola, PA or long distance through Skype video phone.

Tuition for the complete eight-week course is $1600. Discounts for shorter programs are available to those with current learning or work experience. Tuition is payable at the first class. If at the end of the first class, you feel this is not the course for you, you will only be charged $200 for the session. After that, the creation of your indivualized course will be in process, and no refunds will be given.

To discuss your personal goals, please email or call 717.253.6634.

Release yourself to energy of the gifted and skilled Rev. Francine Milano. Become attentive to the integration of your body, mind and spirit. Start your journey with and into Love, Communion and Awareness. You are going to be surprised what is obtainable, when you do!

– Kate Kane

I would recommend Francine's class to any person interested in intuitive development. The class is structured based on your needs and your talents. The two characteristics of the class that are important for any student are: first, the breadth of the topics covered; and, two, the hands-on practice. The course covers both theory and practice which is needed for any avid practitioner.

– Henry Morin

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to know and learn from Francine. Francine's course not only provides insight and knowledge about the spirit world but helps you to identify your true ability and how to develop your gift for the highest good. Her encouragement and guidance have been invaluable in helping me through my journey.

– Heidi