Rev. Francine Milano PSYCHIC MEDIUM

For Private Groups of Ten People or More

A great way to get together with family and friends!

All of the following events can be offered privately to your group of family and friends in Francine's office in Leola, PA (Lancaster). Francine will come to your destination for 20+ participants, depending on location. Rates will vary according to the event and the number of participants.

Please feel free to inquire for details by calling (717) 253-6634 or email

Gallery Readings (aka Message Circles)

This event is the clear favorite among family and friends. Spend an evening with Francine and gain a better understanding of how mediumship works, and receive messages from the other side—perhaps from your own spirit guides or loved ones—as she demonstrates spirit communication.



Interested in the paranormal? Learn about different types of spirit energy, ghost hunting techniques, rescue work and how to better attune yourself to see glimpses into the unknown. This workshop is based on Francine's book, THE OTHER SIDE OF GETTYSBURG. However, this workshop applies to occupied houses and other structures as well as haunted people and "attachments." We'll also explore how to protect and shield your energies and clear areas of unwanted energies.

Past Life Regression Meditation

Learn more about reincarnation and karma, and gain insights into your current life by discovering a past one through group regression. This class is approximately one hour long. Please do not eat a heavy meal before class.

Opening up your Intuitive Self

We're all psychic! In this is a beginner's workshop for psychic and spiritual development, you'll learn more about the gift we were all born with. Discover all the tools we have at our disposal to help make better decisions in our lives. Please contact us for options and information on this event.

A Guide to the Chakras

This workshop focuses on the seven major energy vortexes in the human body. Chakras can play a major role in the healing process on all levels—mind, body and spirit. We will do hands-on exercises and discover what they do and how we can work with them on a regular basis through meditation, color therapy, crystals and gemstones to maintain balance in our lives.

Creative Visualization

This hands-on workshop goes beyond "The Secret" and uncovers many specific techniques about the law of attraction to help shape your world and manifest what you want in it. You'll learn the art of affirmations and even create your own vision board to take home.

Angels and Spirit Guides

They are all around us, protecting and guiding us with miracles and coincidences. Learn more about the ones who walk with us—particularly from the Spiritualist school of thought. Francine will lead a spirit guide meditation and talk about other techniques to better connect with them. She will also share her gift to tell you about who has come to class with you.

Crystals & Gemstones Workshop

Learn about the properties that different stones and crystals offer and how they can assist us in healing many aspects of our lives. Everyone will receive a stone to take home.

Follow Your Dreams

Are you getting messages in your sleep? You'll learn how to better tune into your dreams through the intuitive gifts you were born with. Analyze your dreams with logical symbolism and tap into the messages they offer. This event can be a fun-filled afternoon of tea and dream interpretation as well as a good old fashioned pajama party at your Bed & Breakfast.